Listen to mindset podcasts on the go and grow your knowledge on business and mindset.

Be great. 

Or don’t be… I can’t make you. But I do know some podcasts that will put you in the mindset to be! 

Podcasts are proving to be an accessible option to learn from the people great and growing. With the opening of one of many phone application they are offered on, anyone, anywhere can incorporate a bit of insight and humor into their day.

In 2022, 62% of consumers older than 12 in the United States listen to podcasts, according to Statista, integrating this easily consumable media into their morning commutes, work around the house and movement regiments. Part of what makes podcasts so popular is the ability add them to an already established routine or habit, instead of having to carve out time like you would for other content mediums. I like to listen to podcasts while doing chores I sometimes avoid like folding laundry. Listening to something interesting enhances the whole experience, getting me a little smarter and my clothes a lot less wrinkly. 

With dozens of platforms to listen on and millions of podcasts to choose from, you’re not short on choices for your laundry listen. It can be tough to know where to start, especially in a content area as large and growing as self development. So check out our podcast picks and recommended starter episodes, here and with more on this Spotify playlist, chosen specifically with entrepreneurs and businesses in mind and anyone in the pursuit of a healthy mindset. 

After listening, you can also easily share an episode with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter, even if they didn’t ask. They will love it and so will you – and hopefully everyone will learn something along the way. You can get some practice sharing this blog post to let everyone know about your new, exclusive identity as a podcast listener. Let’s get great! 


Get schooled by The School of Greatness 

Listen to the mindset podcast The School of Greatness

New York Times best-selling author, two-time All-American athlete and entrepreneur Lewis Howes seeks to inspire listeners to unlock their inner greatness and live their best life. Interviews with world-renowned leaders in all sectors of life offer insight on how to overcome self-doubt, heal trauma, achieve goals, guide reflection and more. This podcast provides a roadmap to various definitions of success, producing a holistic collection of advice from the minds in business, literature, sports, health and beyond. Additionally, bite size and actionable guidance in the sub-15-minute episodes, called Five-Minute Fridays, is a great feature of this podcast. They are often based on longer episodes that you can dive into for more. 

Our picks to get you started: 

  • Take Time to Reflect 
  • Tony Robbins: Own Your Future in Business, Life & Love 
  • Work It Out, Write It Out 


Feel the impact of this podcast: Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu  

Listen to the mindset podcast Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

This business and mindset-focused weekly interview show will leave you in awe and inspired to take action in your life and impact the lives of others. Learn the secrets to success listening to serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Quest Nutrition, Tom Bilyeu, as he divulges his own journey with greatness and smartly interviews the amazing minds in business, innovation, spirituality, creativity and beyond. His preparation and appreciation of his guests make the interviews entertaining and rich to listen to; his well thought out questions will leave you saying, “I wish I would’ve thought to ask that!” Bilyeu ensures his listeners walk away from each episode with the tools and knowledge to unlock their potential, applying teachings to his own life experience live during the interview and distilling key points for listeners throughout each episode.   

Our picks to get you started: 

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza on How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind 
  • Conversations with Tom | Todd Herman on How to Have Infinite Energy (Yes, It’s Possible) 
  • How to Uncover What’s Actually Holding You Back | Gary John Bishop on Impact Theory 


If it’s got to be kwik, listen to Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik 

Listen to the mindset podcast Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

After a childhood brain injury resulting in learning challenges, Jim Kwik resiliently created strategies to improve his mental performance and has since “dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius” with brain tips and thinking hacks. He founded to improve speed-reading, memory and brain performance. He coaches podcast listeners to those same objectives, offering short cuts and pathways for working more efficiently. The show is designed to “help busy people learn and achieve anything in a fraction of the time,” well exhibited by the show’s short episodes jampacked with advice from Kwik and the occasional guest.  

Our picks to get you started: 

  • Mindset of Champions with Dr. Jeff Spencer 
  • Learn ANYTHING Faster 
  • How to Love Learning 


Wows and woes of  WorkLife with Adam Grant 

Listen to the mindset pdocast WorkLife with Adam Grant

In this popular TED production, listeners explore the science of how to enjoy work with organizational psychologist, Adam Grant. Each episode, he explores the minds of unusual professionals and the nuances of the workplace, transforming how listeners view their jobs. Listeners learn how to love criticism, harness frustration and uncover joy in these 40-minute episodes, showing people to enjoy their time at work and create a better work life.  

Our picks to get you started: 

  • It’s Time To Stop Ignoring Disability 
  • Taken for Granted: Satya Nadella is building the future 
  • How to Pitch Your Best Ideas 


BONUS recommendation: TED Talks Daily 

Listen to the mindset podcast TED Talks Daily

It’s the thought-provoking talks you love in audio format. Every weekday, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design – you needed to know, this is such a good acronym to be able to unpack) brings you a new talk that is sure to intrigue and inspire. Many of these are 15 minutes and are easy to add to commutes or to the skin care routine you have been avoiding. What makes these a great alternative to YouTube clips is being able to skim the episode descriptions quickly and find the one I want to hear most in that moment. Give them a listen! 


And, as Kwik says at the end of every podcast: “Act on what you learned today. Remember, knowledge is not power; it’s potential power. It only becomes power when you use it”. So, get out there, listen to a podcast on your drive and take those steps towards a greater, happier you. But please do keep your eyes on the road! 

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Let us know what you think and if there are podcasts you would like to add to this list! 

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