Veterans Transition to Technology

Without proper hardware, veterans face being disconnected from information and opportunities valuable to their development and well-being.

Information collected from workforce development officials in Maryland has shown us that our veterans don’t engage with programs designed to support them as much as anticipated. Not having access to technology tools creates a significant barrier in veterans’ ability to access online resources intended for them; veterans are restricted in their economic and personal well-being when they are restricted by access to computer hardware. The lack of continuous access to computers and technology frustrates and discourages veterans who are looking for work or services. 

The Veterans Transition to Technology programming is designed to assist in digital equity and inclusion efforts in Maryland by addressing the challenges our veterans face when seeking work and support. Carroll Technology & Innovation Council will provide them with the technology and training needed to successfully navigate an increasingly digital world.

With this program, the CTIC provides software and hardware at no cost, workforce training through our partnerships, and digital literacy through our online platform. The success of this program and veterans in the work force begins with hardware.

Find support for veterans.

Refer a veteran for a free computer.

Thank you to our partners for delivering this program alongside the CTIC.







I just wanted to follow up and say thank you for the laptop your organization provided to me! It has helped me a lot, especially with being able to teleconference with my doctor at Hopkins and fill out the myriad paperwork, governmental forms, etc, that go along with disability. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you guys do!”   -Sam, US Marine Corps