Aging Optimism

At the Carroll Technology and Innovation Council, we’re aging optimists. We believe community, creativity, health, and happiness can grow with us. As we age, we experience. And with those experiences, we earn a better understanding of ourselves and our desires. With the employment of technology, there are more opportunities to create and convene with those aging insights.

To support older adults and this journey with technology, CTIC is providing free classes across Carroll County, MD.  The curriculum we deliver is built on utilizing technology towards participant’s goals, such as maintaining independence, making lifestyle changes, or staying in touch with far away friends and family. Participants will be equipped with the tools and confidence to preserve, access, and expand their skills and information.

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January 2024

January 8th, 9:30am at Taneytown CCPLMindfulness Apps
January 8th, 1:30pm at Finksburg CCPLInternet of Things
January 11th, 5:30pm at Eldersburg CCPLMindfulness Apps
January 22nd, 1:30pm at Finksburg CCPLSmartphones at a Glance

February 2024

February 5th, 1:30pm at Finksburg CCPLIntro to Managing Your Privacy
February 12th, 9:30am at Taneytown CCPLInstagram Basics
February 26th, 1:30pm at Finksburg CCPLMoney Matters

March 2024

March 11th, 1:30pm at Finksburg CCPLMyChart

Senior Planet

In partnership with the University of Maryland Extension, we teach from Senior Planet curriculum. This offering is a flagship program of the national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) from AARP. They have designed several workshops, lectures, and courses adaptable to the goals and ambitions of participants They have a diverse array of subjects with accompanying instruction materials, from creating an email account to understanding AI.

Senior Planet programs are designed around five impact areas: financial security, social engagement, creative expression, health and wellness, and civic participation. These areas represent opportunities in the lives of older adults where technology can have a transformative effect. The programming invites participants to learn through technology and leverage it to do the things that matter to them.

Senior Planet also offers resources and free online classes in technology. They also offer wellness classes such as chair yoga, meditation, and strength and stability. They embrace all that comes with being an older adult in the world today and strive to deliver news and perspectives that connects communities and challenges preconceived notions about aging. Every week on, they provide original and engaging articles on topics relating to life as an older adult such as healthy aging, avoiding scams, meeting people online, saving for retirement, and sex and relationships.

To bring this instruction the the Carroll County community and beyond, we are always looking for partnerships to help us organize learning opportunities and recruit participants. If you are interested in setting up a course, lecture, or workshop, email

A few columns of potential one-session lectures or workshops we can offer:

Job Search Specific:

  • Social Media for Job Searches
  • Startup!
  • Using Google Docs Templates for Resumes
  • Networking on LinkedIn
  • Using Job Search Engines
  • Job Searching in the Digital Age

Work from Home Skills:

  • Affordable Connectivity Program
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Getting Started with Zoom
  • Hosting a Zoom Meeting
  • Gmail Tips & Tricks

Lifestyle Focused:

  • Mobile Health Apps
  • Mindfulness Apps
  • Getting Started with [insert social media or P2P payment app – so many offered]
  • Telemedicine
  • Online Health Resources
  • Online RX Drug Resources