Every year, it’s certain someone will have to run out for a missed ingredient when the batter is half mixed and entree half cooked.

With so many recipes readying for the table and getting fixed up for family, friends, and neighbors, it’s too easy to leave an ingredient off the grocery trip list.

To avoid an eleventh-hour store visit during your holiday gathering – and the chaos that will inevitably greet you when you arrive to the grocery store holiday hassle – use ChatGPT to generate a list that don’t miss a thing.

  1. Simply, ask ChatGPT to “create a grocery list for me that will have all the ingredients in these recipes.”
  2. Copy and paste recipe ingredients from an online recipe or transcribe them from a cookbook. Enter the recipe ingredients as they are presented, with their specified amounts (eg 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 large yellow onion).
  3. Likely, ChatGPT will create grocery lists each time you submit a recipe. To get have them combined into one, once you’ve shared all the recipes you’d like, ask ChatGPT to “combine these shopping lists.”
  4. Then, you’ll see a combined grocery list of the recipes you shared. The one I got generated was even sorted by grocery store section! Grab, and go to the store confidently, knowing it didn’t miss a thing.

Some other useful ChatGPT prompts to prepare your mind and meaningful moments at a holiday gathering:

  • What are some activities I can have planned or presented to keep ages 8-80 entertained while I cook?
  • We want to eat dinner at 5:30. When should I begin cooking to have a full Thanksgiving dinner ready?
    • You could add to this prompt by sharing recipes or the layout of what is available in the kitchen.
  • What could I say to excuse myself from the gathering when I need a minute to myself?
  • What are some Thanksgiving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages I should offer?
  • What’s something unique I can cook for a Thanksgiving gathering?

What else will you ask ChatGPT for this year?

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