Every year, it’s certain someone will have to run out for a missed ingredient. With so many recipes readying for the Thanksgiving table, it’s too easy to leave an ingredient off the grocery trip list. To avoid an eleventh-hour store visit during your holiday gathering – and the chaos that will inevitably greet you when you arrive – use ChatGPT to generate a list that won’t miss a thing.

Simply, ask ChatGPT to “create a grocery list for me that will have all the ingredients in these recipes.” Copy and paste recipe ingredients from an online recipe or transcribe them from a cookbook. Enter the recipe ingredients as they are presented, with their specified amounts (eg 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 large yellow onion). Likely, ChatGPT will create grocery lists each time you submit a recipe. To get have them combined into one, once you’ve shared all the recipes you’d like, ask ChatGPT to “combine these shopping lists.” Then, you’ll see a combined grocery list of the recipes you shared. The one I got generated was even sorted by grocery store section!

Some other useful ChatGPT prompts to prepare for the holiday:

  • What are some activities I can have planned or presented to keep ages 8-80 entertained while I cook?
  • We want to eat dinner at 5:30. When should I begin cooking to have a full Thanksgiving dinner ready?
    • You could add to this prompt by sharing recipes or the layout of what is available in the kitchen.
  • What could I say to excuse myself from the gathering when I need a minute to myself?
  • What are some Thanksgiving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages I should offer?
  • What’s something unique I can cook for a Thanksgiving gathering?
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