The Carroll Technology Council was conceived in 2001 by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce to assist businesses and the community with their technology needs. As the Tech Council has matured, the need for businesses to congregate and share with like minded peers became apparent. The Carroll Technology Council became an independent non-profit organization in January, 2004.
Since its inception, the Carroll Technology Council has developed many new programs that benefit the County. Its focus has been on building relationships between member organizations, facilitating the development of technology expertise and potential business opportunities. Being a community partner, the Tech Council works diligently to bring technology to those in need through our ever popular CompuKids and TechWorks programs; donated computers also help nonprofits to work more efficiently.
Capable of handling information requests and dissemination of answers, the Council works closely with local media, such as newspapers, local television and its own publications to reach out and help the community.

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