Folks often join economic development organizations with the hope of meeting other businesses and resources that will lead them to new opportunities and connections. While community groups like Carroll Technology and Innovation Council are usually identified for those working in Carroll County, they can also offer great services to those who live here and work elsewhere. 

Opportunities to connect and serve arise all around you when you are connected to your community. That is what has been true of David Shaffer’s experience living and being involved in Carroll County, despite not doing business here.  

“We live here,” said David Shaffer, who has lived in Carroll County since 1990, started a family here and was one of the founders of the then Carroll Technology Council. “I don’t like it, I love it,” he said of his Carroll County home and life. 

Although the ability to move his business here has not been possible, Shaffer still finds great opportunities by involving himself in the Council’s programming. 

“The tech council, like other organizations, allows you to form those relationships and there’s a lot of information that’s apart of business,” said Shaffer, referencing the Council’s past sessions on insurance and policy education events. “It’s just not all IT stuff, it’s a wide, wide range.”  

The CTIC offers programming intended to advocate for inclusive workforce policies and practices; educate individuals on topics connected or related to technology; improve access to workforce training and development; and promote innovative and inspirational ideas. The CTIC is able to extend technology access and education programs with the support of our members.

Schaffer resonates strongly with the Council’s goals of philanthropy and people. “You’re not there to get clients and customers, you’re there to develop relationships and give back,” he said of the social and educational events and programming. 

Although his business operated in Baltimore County, Shaffer did not feel thwarted from joining and serving the Council. “The resident component is critical,” said Shaffer. “It was very important to me, since I lived here, to give back.” 

If your home is in Carroll County, you can expect to find a home at your Carroll Technology and Innovation Council, too. “It’s great to get to know the people who live with you.” 

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