A Personal Health Record on a Protected USB Flash Drive

Remedies Filling Out Endless Medical Forms


Mount Airy, MD (February 26, 2015) –Hippocratic Systems announces the commercial availability of HealthSquireTM Personal Health Record. HealthSquire is a Personal Health Record (PHR) management program that allows an individual patient to enter and maintain his or her own health history on a USB flash drive.  The information is encrypted and ID/password protected.  With HealthSquire, there is rarely a need to fill out endless medical forms.  A simple printout from HealthSquire is usually sufficient.

Hippocratic Systems saw a need to provide a single depository of personal medical information that was portable, secure, and readily available.  When a PHR, using HealthSquire, is completed properly, it will provide nearly all the historical information a healthcare professional would otherwise try to obtain through medical forms and patient interviews.  Anyone who travels frequently, anyone who is transported between medical facilities, children who aren’t old enough to communicate their medical problems, senior citizens who may not accurately remember their history, those who participate in potentially hazardous occupations or hobbies, and people who see multiple healthcare providers will all benefit from a PHR.

You’re young, perfectly healthy and rarely see a doctor.  You don’t need to keep a PHR.  This is a common misconception!  You need to establish a baseline for what healthy means for you.  The average body temperature 98.6 degrees F, but many differ by a degree or more.  If your normal temperature is 97.7 F, a temperature of 98.6 means you have a low grade fever.  By documenting normal for yourself and further documenting your family history, immunizations, childhood illnesses, and travel, your healthcare professional can be on the lookout for indications of serious problems.  Many illnesses can be cured when caught early enough.  It is far easier to recall this information in the comfort of your own home than when sitting in a doctor’s office or an emergency room.

You may visit to learn more about this timely product.  Hippocratic Systems, LLC can be reached through the Contact Us tab on our website.  Hippocratic Systems, LLC was formed in 2006 to create software in the healthcare arena.  The founders of Hippocratic Systems have spent their entire careers in the information technology business.

Hippocratic Systems, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company

HealthSquire™ is a trademark of Hippocratic Systems, LLC

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