Tech Tips: Escaping the mounting cost of technology
By Nicholas McCourt

In today’s world, spending money will make you money. Businesses that do not take the time to upgrade their equipment are often left behind as competitors become faster and more streamlined. Older equipment can take longer to fix, as parts are harder to find on the market. Dedicated IT departments in businesses may only look to “slap a Band-Aid” onto a struggling machine, which only delays the inevitable. Here are a few steps that can be used to alleviate the pressure of spending large amounts of money when your business is about to fall apart with older machines.

•Schedule your cost. Businesses often wait until everything is too old to fix, then put in an order for a bulk shipment. While bulk shipments can prove to be less expensive, a “large” shipment of 10 computers may save just as much money as purchasing 50 at a time, depending on which vendor they are purchased from. Purchasing computers in waves will alleviate the pressure on your company to pay massive bills for upgrades and take smaller bites that are easier to swallow.

•You get what you pay for. A company that decides to purchase machines that are “bottom-line” will more likely have problems with their computers at an accelerated rate. Investing an extra amount into each machine ensures that you may not have to pay for a new machine for several years, and the machine may have the firepower for a software upgrade, thus reducing your overall cost for a ten-year span.

•Utilize your MSP. Managed service providers are dedicated to learning their clients’ needs and understanding how to make the most your business’ equipment. MSPs are always focused on streamlining operations so that your business can be more successful.

•Trust your MSP. A struggle that many companies have is using their IT support as an adviser. Organizations that are devoted to mapping and keeping your infrastructure running are best suited to give you consultations and advise you on how to move forward. Managed service providers are great at fixing things, but under-utilized for preventing breakdowns in networks.

In order to keep the cost of technology in your business from growing too large, breaking your upgrades into smaller parts will allow your business to absorb the cost of upgrades at an improved rate. This keeps the cost from spiraling out of control and your business from falling behind in a fast-paced market. Businesses are less inclined to upgrade their equipment when faced with massive bills. Following these four steps and working closely with your managed service provider will allow for better stability and greater room for growth in your business.

Nicholas McCourt is an IT consultant with Tier One Technology Partners and a member of the Carroll Technology Council. He can be reached at For more information about the Carroll Tech Council, please visit its website at or contact Kati Townsley, Administrator, at or 443-244-1262.

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