Business Services

APS Firehouse Alerting
Full-Name: Mark Hare
Phone-Number: 410-239-4644
Organization: Artisan Brand Studio
Full-Name: Megan Odegaard
Phone-Number: 443-821-7768
Baltimore Recycling Works/ J&J Trash
Full-Name: Jack Haden
Phone-Number: 410-239-9366, Inc.
Organization:, Inc.
Full-Name: Randy Goldstein
Phone-Number: 410-861-6888
Organization: Blaise Nealon
Full-Name: Blaise Nealon
Phone-Number: 443-900-2177
Capitol Sales Recruiting
Full-Name: Susan Janeczek
Phone-Number: 410-353-1606
Full-Name: Sue Jaeger
Phone-Number: 410-795-1900 x240
Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
Full-Name: Mike McMullin
Phone-Number: 410-848-9050
Carroll County Dept. of Economic Development
Full-Name: Denise Beaver
Phone-Number: 410-386-2070
Organization: CodeLingua
Full-Name: Steve Hicks
Phone-Number: 443-277-4903