Browser Options


One of the most secure options for web browsing, DuckDuckGo’s main goal is to provide an anonymous internet experience. Using encryption, the browsing service will prevent large companies from tracking your searches. Basically this will prevent websites from showing you that ad for something that you just searched. No information of yours is ever stored in their databases, making DuckDuckGo one of the premier search engines for security. 

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Another browser that is similar to DuckDuckGo, except that it adds another layer of protection. Brave offers all of the same things that DuckDuckGo does, with the addition of malware blockers. Malware is something that can allow other people to take full control of your hardware, and view any information that is stored on it. Brave claims that they will protect you against malware attacks, making it a very strong option for secure browsing. 

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Of course, you may still have a likeness for your current browser. Please consider the following chart to see what level of security your browser has.

Securing Your Network 

It’s a tool to protect yourself from online dangers, VPNs are capable of giving you another form of private browsing. 

“A VPN, or virtual private network, is a service that encrypts your activity on the internet and keeps your identity hidden while browsing. VPNs provide an extra layer of privacy, enable you to access foreign websites and can provide secure connections for transferring sensitive information.” (Forbes 2024)

There are many different routes you can take when choosing a VPN. These are a few suitable options for the everyday internet user. 



Likely the most popular option of all of the VPNs on the market. Nord offers similar services to a security browser but will do this all of the time your device is on, not just when you’re browsing the internet. With over 6,000 VPN servers, Nord will literally put your location in a different place, and keep all sensitive information like location away from any folks you may not want to have your information going to. Nord’s services will cost money however, consider shopping around their plans before purchasing. 

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TunnelBear offers a generous free option for a personal VPN. This would only grant you access to a VPN on one device. But, if you are wanting to try out a VPN before purchasing a more expensive service, this is a viable option. Tunnelbear also contains a friendly user interface, making it a bit more accessible for someone who may be new to VPNs. 

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