October 18, 2023

6 pm at the Carroll Arts Center

What is it? Ignite Carroll is a high-energy evening of presentations by people who have a burning idea and the guts to get on stage and share it with the crowd. The Ignite concept creates a platform for the sharing of ideas, passions, and knowledge. It puts multiple speakers in front of an audience with only 5 minutes to speak on a topic using a PowerPoint presentation of 20 slides that auto advances every 15 seconds. In these 5 minutes, they have a chance to enlighten the audience, BUT they have to “make it quick!”

Who participates? The parameters are simple: if you have a passion, you have a place on the Ignite stage. Extensive speaking experience is not required and the Ignite Talks style is a worthy and worthwhile opportunity/challenge for any skill-level. When a speaker presents, they join a global community of thinkers that galvanize and delight audience (and they will receive a digital badge in recognition of their efforts). Are you right for Ignite?

Speakers propel their personal growth by developing their public speaking, storytelling skills, and understanding of the topic at hand. The unique format of the Ignite talk creates an opportunity speaker to distill the most pertinent components of their topic, in order to present it within the constraints of the format. This facilitates amazing creativity and a refined message, often resulting in a powerful and compelling delivery. If not, the talk only lasts 5 minutes, and an audience member (or the speaker afterwards) can go grab a beer!

Ignite Carroll will again be hosted by the brilliant and energetic Vince Buscemi and feature a lineup with a diverse array of speakers sharing their insights and passions. Tickets are now available for purchase on the Carroll County Arts Council website. 

Dates to Know

July 27, 2023 CTIC After Hours – Beer & Bytes and the Kick-Off of Ignite – Everyone interested in Ignite Carroll 11 is encouraged to come out to this event and get a feel for the community and camaraderie they can expect a night of Ignite Talks. We hope many past Ignite speakers, and audience members, will be in attendance at this After Hours to share their experience with Ignite!

August 10, 2023 Submit your Ignite applicationTell us the topic you’re passionate about, why you’re interested in giving a talk, and what you’ll be bringing to the Ignite stage. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, reach out to Molly at molly@carrolltechcouncil.org.

August 20, 2023 – Final call for Ignite speakers – Submit your application or let us know of your interest by August 20 to be considered for Ignite Carroll 11.

End of August, 2023Ignite speakers confirmed and prep sessions released – By the end of August, you’ll find out if there’s a spot for you on the 2023 Ignite Carroll stage. Then, you can begin crafting and rehearsing your 20-slide presentation! Virtual and in-person resources and drop-in session dates for optional presentation support leading up to the night of Ignite talks will be made known to speakers at this time.

September 1, 2023 – Ignite Carroll 11 T-shirt design submissions close

October 18, 2023 – Ignite Carroll 11 – The night of Ignite Talks! What can you expect?

Links To Use

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Thanks to The Community Media Center capturing all of the fun of the night!

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